Sunday, September 02, 2012


Another Good Day!

I shouldn't bemoan the fact that I have to go out and buy the cigarettes. On the contrary I should be grateful that I even HAVE the money to be able to buy them! How long ago was it that I was complaining (in this very blog) about not having any cigarettes and not having the money to even buy them? What about when I bought a pack of cheaper cigarettes that I had to pay with half my debit card and the other half in change? It does a mind good to think about this when that mind bemoans the fact that I have to go buy them - doesn't it?

I hate buying cheap cigarettes but buying the cheaper cigarettes is better than being able to buy no cigarettes at all! I even have seen websites where you can buy cheap cigarettes online but right now I don't even have the nerve to do that yet. Just seems kind of risky to me!

I'm also not a very big fan of electronic cigarettes either! And that is why I don't offer any electronic cigarette reviews either! It also seems that cigarette coupons are available both online and offline as well - though I have never seen any of these cigarette coupons myself.

So I'm still relying on my Google Adsense money that I earn online to help me pay for the cigarettes that I buy. If done right you can make money with the Google Adsense program and so far it has worked for me although I would love to make more money with the Google Adsense program!

Thank God I have paid off my student loans and I don't have to go through what others have to go through with these student consolidation loans that they have to take out in order to pay back their student loans - so I'm glad that I don't have to go through that! Money is hard enough to come by at all without having to worry about it being all used up to pay bills!

Even though there are more and more laws against smoking in certain areas I am still glad to see other smokers like me around! I saw a guy smoking a cigarette as he was walking somewhere and it just made me feel glad that I wasn't the only smoker around. So we are still out there!

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congratulations if you could quit of smoking.

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